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         Rubber Molded Parts

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Capability to produce parts up to 1200mm X 1500mm. In-house tooling to save cost, ensure quality, reliability and timely delivery. 

Materials used are EPDM, CR, NBR, SBR, NR, NBR/PVC and AEM.


Steering rack Boots

Steering rack boots are protective rubber covers which seal each end of the steering racks while still allowing movement when steering. They seal in the lubricant and seal out dirt and water.

They are made high quality rubber NBR/PVC, Neoprene and EPDM. 



Air cleaner

The air cleaner hose connects the air cleaner (which purifies the intake air) to the engine. Air cleaner hose product design is to minimize air flow resistance, while achieving noise reduction, usually in small space. 

They made of high quality materials, Neoprene, NBR/PVC, ECO.

Rubber bellows

Rubber Bellows are expansion joints are used to protect moving mechanical parts from dust and humidity. The concertinaed sides allow the rubber bellow to expand and contract whilst maintaining a permanent seal.

solid rubber tyres

Solid tyres are playing an important role in the agriculture, industrial and logistic sectors. Solid tyres are extremely stable, economical, puncture-resistant, and maintenance free and have a high load-bearing capacity in extreme service conditions.

They are made of superior quality natural rubber.

They are made of high abrasion resistant material natural rubber and SBR.

Pedal Covers 

The Rubber Pedal pads are mainly used in the production of brake assemblies & clutch assemblies. The main function is to work as an anti-skid and prepare grip to the foot of the driver running the car.

They are made of high abrasion resistant material natural rubber and SBR.

Corrugated Seed Tube  

Rubber seed tube to help improve seed flow, especially when seeding smaller seeds. Made from natural rubber, they’re flexible and incorporate internal folds above each corrugation, so as the seed tube stretches out, the folds direct the seeds away from the corrugations to help keep the seeds from catching.


When it comes to the protection of your wiring, you can never be too safe. There are many different types of surfaces wires may need to pass through to perform their function. The holes they pass through need to be insulated so the wires aren’t damaged.
Darson’s wire harness grommets can be found being used in most cars manufactured in Pakistan.

slurry trailing shoe

A trailing shoe is the most accurate way of spreading liquid manure – more precise than a dribble hose, even. Trailing shoes separate the crops while driving over them, so the manure can be deposited in a thin strip beneath the shoots.