End-to-end Manufacturing solutions


With our deep domain expertise, Darson is developing solutions that solve our customer’s toughest challenges. We are enabling the transition to software-defined vehicle parts supported by electrified and intelligently connected architectures – which will combine to power the future of mobility.

Heater Hoses For EV

Electric vehicles promise significant advances for future mobility — making driving safer, more efficient, and more convenient. That’s why Darson is producing hoses and lines that increase the efficiency, and thus the range and durability of the vehicles.


Cooling Hoses for EV

The hose and pipe systems are correspondingly complex. Darson already supplies solutions for the cooling system that the manufacturers can straightforwardly install themselves. The lines for the battery cooling system in hybrid and electric cars laid in the underfloor section of the vehicle. They ensure that the units do not overheat, the batteries achieve their maximum lifetime, and the occupants do not have to forgo the level of warmth to which they have become accustomed.

Engineering – Precision, Smart, Flexible

With significant expertise in automotive hoses and electric vehicle parts, Darson’s experts can help you provide EV solutions to ensure the maximum performance and durability of your EV hoses.

Tooling and Fixtures – Robust, Cost-Effective, High Quality

In accordance with your quality requirements, we offer you the design and manufacturing of control gauges, measuring gauges, injection molding tools, and lightweight assembly fixtures

Rapid Prototyping

Along with the rapid growth and developing automotive industry, manufacturers are in need of fast, functional, and quality parts for development and testing.

We offer you functional parts for your applications.


Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing

Silicon Molded Parts