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Experienced Staff

We understand the importance of a warehouse, it requires processes and procedures that are easy to follow but it also requires experienced and organized employees who understand the importance of their jobs. Our experienced team has developed a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Total covered area

The primary objective of supply chain management is to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of resources. At Darson, we care about customers’ needs and expectations. We own different warehouses covering a 12085 sq ft. area.

Storage capacity

Darson’s warehouse is designed to store all the products produced in the production Centre. The installation of the Pallet Shuttle system has led to a breakthrough in the company’s logistics by meeting three of the goals set with this project: capacity, flexibility, and agility. Our total capacity to store products exceeds 450 tons. 

Receipt & Issuance

Our warehouses are tailored to the sizes and characteristics of the containers Darson works with. Inputs and outputs are systematic, via several conveyors that take the goods directly to the end of both storage aisles. The racks take advantage of the entire storage space to accommodate the largest number of products. In addition, they adapt to the different types of products managed by the company and, thanks to the motorized shuttle, the flow of movements is constant. Our yearly output is 2340 tons while input stands at 2064 tons.