Power Backup

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Our Company’s strategic vision is strongly driven by our customers’ needs. We are committed to fulfilling these needs and building long-term customer loyalty. To continuously produce and dispatch customers orders without any halting due to electricity breakdown, Darson Industries installed two heavy generators of 440 & 450 KVA respectively. These two generators are enough for our whole production process and satisfy our 70% energy needs. Our customers can order us with peace of mind without having to worry about late/delayed orders.

Solar power 

Darson Industries aims to source its 25% renewable energy by 2025. To achieve this target, Darson industries installed many solar panels with a total capacity of 220 KW which becomes 12% of our total energy consumed.

Biofuel for steam generation

Darson Industries are proud of its capability to use corn cob to reduce its carbon footprint. We are generating steam using corn cobs which source our energy needs for production. Our monthly production of steam through corn cob exceeds 350 tons. This source of energy is environmentally friendly and provides a smooth power backup in case of an unfortunate breakdown. We installed three boilers based on latest hybrid technology so that our customers can stay composure.