Purpose and Scope

To ensure Accurate and Precise weighing and Homogenized Mixing of Compound.

Weighing of Raw Materials.

For accurate and precise weighing of Raw materials we have MRP system where are the Formula Recipes are locked and our Computers are connected with MRP system to get actual weight entry from weighing scale to MRP Planning Sheets.
Oil Weighing is done Using Oil Dispenser Machines which are directly connected with Internal Mixers for Quick and Precise weighing.

Mixing Of Raw Materials:

We have state of the Art New Technology Mixing Lines for Homogenized mixing of Rubber compounds. Temperature ,Time and other Mixing parameters are Auto Operated through PLC To eliminate Human Error.
All the Mixing standards are locked and Monitored Via PLC and its Actual results are Added in MRP system.
We have Mixing capacity of 12 Metric Ton Compound Per day.

Compound Storage:

We have Cold store Room where compound is stored for certain period of time under controlled Temperature and Environment.